How Azility supports you at every level

A holistic view

With your energy and water data in one place, all your teams across Finance, Operations and Sustainability work in unison – on the same platform, with the same data and analysis tools. Our trusted data collection, verification and reporting tools offer reliable monitoring of your organisation’s energy management goals, freeing up your employees to explore new savings opportunities.

No more expensive billing errors

Our Utility Control module is a Financial Officer’s dream. Automated receipt, verification and approval of utility bills, all on a single screen and with zero paper or manual data entry. Our platform finds and resolves billing issues, manages approvals and ensures bills are paid on time, with faultless accountability to keep efficiency high and risks at a minimum.

Sustainability at your fingertips

No more manual sifting through multiple data sources. With Azility, all your energy and water performance information is automatically uploaded for fast, secure analysis and management. Track outcomes at every step of your projects so you can adapt and improve – and watch your energy and water consumption, costs and emissions plummet.

Infinite visibility

Azility delivers complete energy and water usage visibility across all of your sites. Our platform continuously collects and analyses data from your meters, submeters and incoming utility bills. In-built reports, dashboards and alerts keep you on top of everything as it happens, backed by data and utility expertise to help you along your path to energy savings greatness.

Optimal operations, every day

Find the savings

Know instantaneously when something’s not right with energy and water consumption and costs at any of your facilities, and get to the heart of it quickly.

Communicate better

Create open collaboration between your site managers, finance department and sustainability people to resolve billing and usage issues and create new savings opportunities.

Measure progress

Track and report progress against energy and water budgets and targets – across assets, sites or the whole of your organisation.

Demonstrate results

Measure and report the results of energy and water management initiatives with comprehensive reports on reduced usage, cost savings and lower


The right tools to hunt down every possible opportunity

  • Make better use of staff time
    With automation comes opportunity, and Azility does it all. With collection, reporting, verification, analysis and tracking all under control, it leaves more time for your people to tackle the big stuff best left to humans – conjuring new ways to save energy and water and putting them in motion.

  • Beat a path to the best opportunities
    Azility enables instant access to how your organisation is performing and where best to invest time, money and saving initiatives for exponential returns. We capture and analyse all the moving pieces so you can more easily assess the feasibility of energy and water efficiency projects and verify their outcomes.
  • Take control of your utility bills
    Azility streamlines the utility bill management process from start to finish, saving your finance people countless hours and headaches. View, verify and approve bills in a single view, with no more scanning and uploading, overdue bills or confusing workflows. We drill deep to locate billing issues and liaise with your provider to resolve them.
  • Stay alert and save
    Azility never sleeps. When something goes wrong with one of your assets or sites, our automated alert system is right on it, letting you know via SMS and email when critical changes in usage occur. Whether day, night, weekday or weekend, you can take action fast and avoid costly failures.

“Liverpool Council started using Azility’s services several years ago and we recently signed up to their Utility Control module. In the past, the approval and processing of utility invoices was a long, tedious affair, wasting roughly $40,000 of staff time. We have just approved our first lot of invoices for electricity, what used to take days took 10 minutes. Azility saved us from being pressured into signing an electricity contract that would have had us paying triple what we should have been charged. We work very closely with Azility and I have always found them to be more than helpful. They really are awesome!”

Evangeline Roberts
Finance Officer,
Liverpool City Council


Communicate Better

Streamline business processes and encourage accountability with accurate shared data

  • A single source of truth
    One home for everything. View invoice, meter and project data in a single software platform and dataset, and tag and record discussions on any invoice, utility account or asset for future reference.
  • Engage your entire enterprise
    Regular Quarterly Performance Reviews (QPRs) with your Azility Service Manager are a sure-fire way to supercharge your results. Explore energy and water issues and opportunities as a team and collaborate on transformational improvements.
  • Shared data, shared knowledge
    Collaboration is our middle name (yep, really). Azility is an ideal platform for your organisation’s site managers, finance department and sustainability people to come together, wherever they may be based, to resolve complex issues and take advantage of energy and water savings opportunities.
  • The right information to the right people at the right time

    What you need, when you need it. Azility Analytics translates your data into beautiful reports and dashboards at every level. Your executives can see the big picture while your asset managers drill down to consumption at 15-minute intervals.

“Azility has been providing exceptional service to Sutherland Shire Council for several years now. There was a time we thought we would outgrow Azility; instead they grew with us, providing incredible new and exciting options for energy, water, fleet and data management to suit our needs. And they are always looking for ways to do better. We have made some significant savings with their assistance. The customer service they provide and the knowledge their staff bring to the table is impressive and second to none. They are always ready to jump in and solve a problem or provide advice.”

Mandy Brady
Asset Planning Officer,
Sutherland Shire Council


Measure Progress

Understand your performance with detailed data on tap

  • View any asset’s energy and water usage and costs with a single click  
    Get straight to the point. Azility allows unlimited users to securely access, analyse and manage consumption and costs – across the entire organisation or for individual sites and utility accounts.
  • Track to targets
    Azility keeps you moving towards your goals. Instantly access data on how you’re travelling on your path to reduce consumption, costs and greenhouse gas emissions, or on how your organisation is performing as a whole.

  • Measure and verify savings
    You want to be sure what you’re doing is working so you can change it up if you need to. Azility measures, verifies and reports on your initiatives to reduce your energy and water consumption and costs, improve your fleet performance or reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Are you reaching your greenhouse gas emissions targets?

    If you haven’t cottoned on by now, we at Azility know our stuff when it comes to navigating the complexities of carbon and greenhouse. We’re experts in greenhouse reports, emissions inventories, NGER, emissions scopes, offsets, green power and more, and can help you understand it all too.

“Our Council relies heavily on the professional services of Azility. Energy, fuel and water are a big part of Council’s budget; beside keeping our costs under control, we are provided with Business As Usual (BAU) reports allowing us to revolve savings into more projects. 

The Azility portal tools are very easy to use and our site managers use them to quickly check on our consumption and see the results of energy saving projects. Azility truly have the real-world experience to know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to reduce your energy costs and embrace a more sustainable future, Azility has the right people to help.” 

Jon Bannister
Manager Plant & Energy
Blacktown City Council


Demonstrate Results

Champion efficiency, engage stakeholders and take the lead

  • Shout it from the boardroomYou’ve put in the hard yards (with Azility’s help, of course), and our Quarterly Performance Reviews are an ideal showcase to share the wins with your senior management. Our powerful platform lets you highlight how an SMS alert caught that the air conditioning was left on, or how much the latest solar installation has saved.
  • Amplify engagement
    Azility takes data personally. Our Analytics module personalises the experience with customisable dashboards, storyboards, reports and clever analytics. We bring your energy, water and environmental performance data to life, making everyone want to get on board.
  • Prove the value of projects
    Bring sustainability officers, finance departments and senior management around to your way of thinking with clear results on your energy and water saving initiatives. Tag measures in the system so you can track savings for any asset and timeframe with a single click.

  • Simple and user-friendly
    Azility’s platform can be customised so users only see the information relevant to them and their department. We cut out the noise, making it easy for anyone to find the information and discover the insights they’re seeking.

“The cloud-based platform provides a wonderful service to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, with updated reports, raw data and dashboard performance icons that provide Council with information that can be quickly and easily referenced or interpreted for day to day energy management. saves Council time and money in collating data and turning it into something that can be used to improve corporate energy efficiencies. It is a one stop shop for energy and GHG management enquiries.”

Craig Hughes
Environmental Projects Officer
City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Get your Finance, Sustainability & Operations Departments on the Same Page

Key Features


Azility puts everything you need to revolutionise energy and water management across your sites at your fingertips, in one elegant platform. It’s powerful simplicity.


Utility Expense Control

Take the headache out of identifying and resolving utility bill issues with a single console for all energy and water invoices.

Energy Management

Improve energy performance with comprehensive and truly reliable data that gets all your assets and departments on the same page.

Analytics & Reporting

Make better decisions with sophisticated energy management analytics that turn big data into meaningful insights, fast.

Real-time Data & Alerts

Reduce risk and uncover cost savings with real-time energy and water intelligence features that are always on duty.

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