Service managers

We’re in it with you, all the way

Changing the world is a team effort. Every Azility client gets a dedicated Service Manager – an independent expert in data management, sustainability and utility billing who works with you to monitor your energy and water data, help with reporting, provide advice and training and share ideas for improvement.


Quarterly Performance Reviews

Keep track of your progress

Every three months your Azility Service Manager brings your team together to analyse your performance, highlight opportunities and guide decision making. We check your data flows, celebrate your performance wins, measure against your targets and spotlight any issues to be addressed.

Utility Advocacy

We have the tough conversations for you

Your Service Manager is experienced in working with utility companies, and will be ready and willing to represent you on billing errors, metering issues, estimated reads, contract management and a range of other stuff you’d probably prefer to outsource.



Upskill and reap the rewards

Our training program gives you everything you need to get more from Azility and take your energy and water management from good to great. With targeted programs for new and experienced staff, it’s easy to skill up and work smarter, faster and more effectively.

Asset Mapping

A coherent map of your energy and asset landscape

You can’t improve what you can’t see. We work with you to develop a clear picture of your organisation’s energy landscape – your assets, their managers, utility accounts, history of incidents and more. Everything’s stored and updated in your Asset Register, helping you maintain knowledge and momentum through organisational growth and change.



Next-level support.

Dedicated Service Manager supporting you at every step.

Expert energy and data analysis.

Always just a phone call away.

Forum for improvement.

Explore operational overviews and drill down to specifics.

Utility advocacy.

We’ll resolve your billing issues with your provider.

Ongoing training.

Leverage every benefit our platform can offer.

Map to success.

A complete picture of your organisation’s energy landscape.

Tried & Tested


We started using Azility several years ago and recently signed up to their Utility Control module. In the past, the approval and processing of utility invoices was a long, tedious affair, wasting roughly $40,000 of staff time. We have just approved our first lot of invoices for electricity, and what used to take days took 10 minutes.

Evangeline Roberts
Finance Officer, Liverpool City Council


As a business productivity consultant, I usually spend half of my time collecting and collating client’s energy and water data.

When I work with Azility clients, I can spend a lot more of my time developing strategies to save energy and money because Azility's platform provides me with the data I need to easily identify problems and find savings opportunities.     

James McIntyre
General Manager, 2XE


Azility has been providing exceptional service to us since 2012. There was a time we thought we would outgrow them; instead they grew with us, providing incredible new options for energy, water, fleet and data management to suit our needs. We have made significant savings with their assistance, and the customer service and knowledge they provide is impressive and second to none.

Mandy Brady
Asset Planning Officer, Sutherland Shire Council


Azility's Utility Expense Control service translates to real value for us. Not only did they quickly turn around significant refunds totalling $60,000 for Warrigal, they have corrected the problem going forward. They know what they’re doing and they know who to contact to get results.

Jennelle Rodgers


Our Council has relied heavily on Azility since 2012. Their website tools are very easy to use and our site managers use them to quickly check on consumption and see the results of energy saving projects.

We call on their experienced and well-qualified staff to give independent advice on specific projects. They truly have the real-world experience to know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to reduce your energy costs and embrace a more sustainable future, Azility has the right people to help.

Jon Bannister
Manager Plant & Energy, Blacktown City Council


Our energy landscape is complex. Azility’s sensibly priced combination of service, platform and experience achieves what software alone can’t. With Azility I can stop worrying about the data and spend my time on activities that save energy and money.

Energy Program Manager
City of Ann Arbor, Michigan


Azility has provided great customer service in the implementation of our environmental data management system. The team worked hard to collate, process and setup the tool, meeting Council’s challenging expectations. There is always someone available to respond to requests for information, to update system variables and attend to individual email/call requests.

Nikolaos Zervos
Asset Manager, Waverley Council


Azility saves us in-house resource time and money by collecting all our energy and water data from our utility provider into their online platform. They provide a consistent data set that can be easily interpreted by staff at all levels and displayed in a flexible and easy fashion.

Craig Hughes
Environmental Projects Coordinator, City of Port Adelaide Enfield


Real-time data provides our clients with immediate verification of energy and water savings measures, including behavioural, maintenance and capital works. Real-time data is proving an excellent way to gauge the dollar impact of changes in energy use.

John Herd
City of Tea Tree Gully


We’re achieving much more than we did with software, with less hassle and lower total cost. My staff don’t have to enter utility information anymore. That alone makes Azility’s service worthwhile. The other features are a bonus.

Ben Cowan
Assistant Director of Finance, Gunnison County, Colorado


For more than 10 years, Azility has provided us with the analysis and information necessary, in clearly presented graphs, tables and summaries, to pinpoint excessive energy and water consumption, target areas for greater performance and cost efficiencies. They also assist site managers to understand the cost and environmental benefits of putting in place consumption reduction measures.”

Peter Maganov
Manager Sustainability & Strategic Waste, Randwick City Council


Azility has enabled our organisation to take control of utility billing, making it easier to realise cost savings, identify and resolve issues, and involve all staff in achieving our reduction targets.

Jo-Anne Mackay
Director of Corporate Services, Snowy Monaro Regional Council

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