Resolve everyday energy management issues at lightning speed

  • Get it right first time, every time

    You’d be amazed what insights you can uncover when you let your energy, water and emissions data talk. Azility delivers a single source of truth across your assets, so you always find what you need when you need it.

  • Be alerted to wastage, spikes and anomalies

    Azility is always one step ahead. Automated email or SMS alerts instantly signal any problem in your network. Our Utility Control module checks every utility bill for costly errors, backed by quarterly reviews to track hard-to-spot anomalies over time.

  • Drill down deep for better solutions

    Explore data down to the most minute detail with ease. From annual organisation-wide performance metrics to 15-minute sub-meter readings, Azility gets you there with just a few clicks.

  • Put the power in everyone’s hands

    Say goodbye to the gatekeeper. With Azility, you can set up user accounts so authorised users can help themselves to energy data and reports when they need it, and include them in alerts and scheduled reports.


Be more strategic, effortlessly

  • Hunt down savings opportunities

    Find new ways to save by comparing usage, cost and emissions performance to previous periods or comparable assets. Our database of more than 3000 performance improvement projects carried out by our clients makes Azility an incredible tool for utility benchmarking.

  • Implement savings projects

    Azility measures, verifies and reports on every savings initiative you’ve implemented across energy and water consumption, fleet performance and greenhouse gas emissions, storing it all in a central register.

  • Keep track of your progress

    Whether specific targets or business as usual, Azility keeps you on track. Verify and record the results and returns in performance improvements and savings initiatives.

  • Data you can trust

    When it comes to data, integrity is everything. Azility integrates data across your finance, operations and sustainability teams, with deep metadata to track its source and completeness. Regulatory and executive reporting becomes a breeze.

  • We’re on your team

    Moral support and expert advice go a long way in improving your energy, water and emissions performance. Quarterly catchups to review how you’re tracking, high-five on your wins and explore challenges are an integral part of our comprehensive support offering.


You’ll love us, and here’s why

  • Find your stuff, fast

    Nobody loves scrolling through pages of data searching for a single bill or asset. Azility puts powerful search tools front and centre so you’re fast-tracked to the data you need, with bookmarks to point you right back to favourites.

  • Uncover meaning

    Data is just numbers without context. Azility’s Asset Register gives you a birds-eye view of every asset name, address, manager, functional classification, lease status, utility accounts, prior issues and more, so you can find the meaning and act on it.

  • Data is our happy place

    Nobody loves your data like we do. Azility automatically captures your billing and metering data directly from utility companies, meters and sub-meters, putting a swift end to manual, resource-intensive and error-prone data collection. We make your data work harder.

  • Flexible reporting and analysis

    We’re continuously adding to our library of meaningful, trusted energy, water and emissions reports. But if you’re after something unique, create your own bespoke reports and dashboards in our Analytics Platform. Or let us create them for you.


Easy to learn.

One intuitive, simple and user-friendly platform.

Eliminate data silos.

A single source of truth for all your energy data.

Better decision making.

View your organisation-wide performance in context.

Explain results.

From the big picture to the tiniest detail.

Save time.

No more manual utility bill data entry.

Increase continuity and data security.

One secure, centralised location.

Boost engagement.

Self-service reporting for users at every level.

Easier regulatory and management reporting.

Single-click, comprehensive reports.


Use our standard reports or create your own.

Discover savings opportunities.

Act on issues and anomalies fast.

Cloud-based convenience.

No software, upgrades or backup required.

Unbeatable service.

Expert support, whenever you need it.

You will be in good company

Case study

“Azility saves us in-house resource time and money by collecting and loading all our energy and water data directly from our utility provider into their online platform, ready for us to access…”

Craig Hughes
Environmental Projects Coordinator, City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Kicking goals ahead of schedule

Partnering with Azility has saved the City of Port Adelaide Enfield more than $500,000 and delivered a 15 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield had big dreams when it came to setting key targets in their Energy and Water Efficiency Management Plan 2022. Council’s goal was clear: by 2022, it aimed to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 23 per cent and achieve an 18 per cent drop in corporate energy consumption when compared to 2009 baseline levels.

More Features

Utility Expense Control

Take the headache out of identifying and resolving utility bill issues with a single console for all energy and water invoices.

Analytics & Reporting

Make better decisions with sophisticated energy management analytics that turn big data into meaningful insights, fast.

Real-time Data & Alerts

Reduce risk and uncover cost savings with real-time energy and water intelligence features that are always on duty.

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