Engage, interact and transform

  • Information everyone can use

    We’ve put a lot of energy into designing a platform that excites and engages everyone, from the executive team to the shop floor. Our huge variety of dashboards, storyboards, reports and clever analytics lets your people play with your energy, water and environmental performance data like never before.

  • Choose your own path

    Get answers fast with Azility’s standardised reports and dashboards, or create your own customised content fast, right there in your browser. Export your data in a huge range of formats. We can even create action-ready, custom-designed reports for you.

  • Flexibility for ad-hoc analysis

    Every situation is unique, and pre-defined reports aren’t always what you need to get right to the heart of the issue. Azility allows you to filter, group, combine, compare and drill down into data in unlimited ways, all at an astounding pace. Faster solutions, your way.


Get everyone onto the same page

  • Reap the rewards of true collaboration

    No other platform enables collaboration like Azility. Users can share reports, information and insights across devices and platforms to collectively solve problems, spark creative new approaches and determine the best way forward.

  • The push/pull effect

    Keep everyone in the loop with minimal effort. Automatically send scheduled reports directly to users, or alert them when a specific event – such as a spike in water usage – occurs.

  • Get the best from your data – and your people

    The best results come when everyone understands their part. We provide the essential planning, training and configuration to make sure all your users get what they need to get the best from Azility and your energy performance.


Let’s talk about data

  • Getting good data can be hard work

    Bad or missing data is the single biggest challenge in maintaining effective energy and environmental reporting systems. Collecting, cleaning and organising data can be time-consuming and flat out dull… but someone has to do it, right?

  • That’s where Azility comes in

    We do nearly all of the hard work for you. We create a comprehensive data management plan, collect data directly from the utility and your meters and continuously load it into our data warehouse. Grid electricity, renewables, gas, water, fleet, emissions and asset data – it’s all there, ready to fuel better decisions.

  • Data done right

    Azility’s unified platform brings it all together to make the best use of constantly flowing data streams. We keep you on top of resource efficiency and environmental outcomes, so you’re always one step ahead in choosing savings initiatives that give you – and the planet – the biggest bang for your buck.


No manual data entry.

We source everything all for you.

One platform.

Multiple energy and water data sources unite.

Actionable insights.

Put your energy and water data to work.

Infinite collaboration.

Share information and insights across devices and platforms.

Endless customisation.

Tailor dashboards and reports to your organisation’s needs.

Elegant simplicity.

User-friendly interface for ease of data exploration.

Effortless reporting.

Meet deadlines easily with predefined reports.

Superior analysis.

See exactly where invested time and money will deliver the best return.

Customisable greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

Fulfil regulatory requirements with ease.

You will be in good company

Case study

“Utility Control strikes a balance by providing the business process integration benefits of an internal solution, with the utilities expertise of energy consultants.”

Dean Jackson
Director, Azility

Optimising tariff charges for massive savings

In the NSW Riverina city of Wagga Wagga, Azility is changing the game in managing Council’s utility bills and energy use – with impressive results.

The City of Wagga Wagga has a strong focus on the environment, sustainability and resource use accountability, investing significantly into a wide range of energy saving and carbon reduction initiatives.

More Features

Energy Management

Improve energy performance with comprehensive and truly reliable data that gets all your assets and departments on the same page.

Real-time Data & Alerts

Reduce risk and uncover cost savings with real-time energy and water intelligence features that are always on duty.

Utility Expense Control

Take the headache out of identifying and resolving utility bill issues with a single console for all energy and water invoices.

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