Utility Expense Control

Easily identify & resolve utility billing issues

Love sifting through utility bills? No, neither do we. Azility’s Utility Control allows you to receive and verify all your utility bills, manage approvals and easily find and resolve billing issues – all on a single screen. No paperwork or manual data entry in sight.


Energy Management

Bring every asset and department onto the same page

Azility pulls all your energy and water performance data together in one energy efficiency software platform for fast, secure analysis and management. And with automated uploads, you’ll spend less time chasing data and more time supercharging your results.

Analytics & Reporting

Faster insights and better decisions through flexible reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analytics

Get dazzling insights from your data. Build Azility’s dashboards and reports to your organisation’s needs, automate reports and generate real-time incident alerts. We can also create incredible custom reports for you to dig deep in all the right places.


Real-time data & alerts

Save more with real-time energy and water intelligence

You might be collecting masses of data, but is it working for you when it counts? Azility unites fine-grained data for grid electricity, renewables and water reuse in a single platform, aligning it to your asset register and utility billing and giving you instant feedback on performance and issues.

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