We make you smarter, so you save more

  • Instant alerts

    When a solar inverter packs it in, a water pipe bursts, or your building management system starts running the office air conditioning all night and day, Azility is watching. Our platform automatically alerts you to critical changes in usage via email and SMS so you can take action fast.

  • Measure and adapt your savings initiatives

    Azility takes your real-time data and shows you the immediate impact of your savings initiatives, big or small. Switch fluorescent lights for LEDs, fix a leaking toilet or incentivise your people to reduce their energy use – and map the impact in real time.

  • Creative analytics

    We’ve created a happy digital meeting place for your meter data, asset register, utility bills and other business metrics to meaningfully interact to deliver powerful insights. Automatically uncover billing inaccuracies, or easily compare assets to uncover why one outperforms another.

  • Make the most of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution

    Maybe you’re on the IoT train, but is it on the right track? We put innovation to work to bring your existing and new data sources into a single, well-designed solution that works, every time – right across your network.


No manual data uploads.

We automate it all for you.

Accurate, real-time usage data.

Drill down to 15-minute intervals.

A single platform.

Consolidate metering and submetering data from multiple providers.

React instantly.

Real-time email and SMS alerts to consumption anomalies.

Identify overconsuming meters.

Amplify savings through targeted corrective actions.

Expose unnecessary usage.

At night, off-shift or on weekends.

Instant gratification.

Verify savings from implemented changes fast.

Compare and benchmark consumption.

Across similar facilities and over time.

End overbilling.

Compare utility bills with actual submeter usage.

You will be in good company

Case study

“Meter Minder is proving an excellent way to gauge the dollar impact of changes in energy use.”

John Herd
City of Tea Tree Gully

Catching out the building management system

With Azility on the case, the City of Tea Tree Gully learned its Building Management System was making a crucial error that was driving up energy usage.

Most Councils rely on their Building Management Systems (BMS) to work as they should. But as the City of Tea Tree Gully discovered, that’s not always the case.

More Features

Energy Management

Improve energy performance with comprehensive and truly reliable data that gets all your assets and departments on the same page.

Analytics & Reporting

Make better decisions with sophisticated energy management analytics that turn big data into meaningful insights, fast.

Utility Expense Control

Take the headache out of identifying and resolving utility bill issues with a single console for all energy and water invoices.

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