Innovation meets simplicity

  • User-friendly utility bill console

    Azility enables approval and payment of all your utility bills on a single screen, with utility bill verification results, PDF bills and more just a click away. It couldn’t be simpler… or more powerful.

  • Watch your assets

    With a comprehensive map of your organisation and asset register, Azility ensures every account you pay belongs to your organisation and is linked to a specific facility and responsible officer.

  • Smart integration

    Getting everyone on the same page is a game-changer. Azility empowers organisations with a single, trusted data source powered by next-level reporting and analytics. Energy, water and emissions reporting becomes a breeze.

Automated invoice collection

No more paper bills or mind-numbing manual data entry. Azility can receive energy and water bills direct from hundreds of utilities, ready for viewing, automated verification, approval and payment.


Accountability at every stage

  • Bill verification and alert system

    Azility pores over every energy and water invoice to catch expensive billing and performance errors such as tariff anomalies, consumption spikes and estimated reads. So you don’t have to.

  • Approvals made easy

    No more hold-ups. Bills can be reviewed and approved at a glance by allocated users within your organisation. Download an auditable record of all bill approvals in a flash.

  • Finance system integration

    Managing the payment workflow has never been simpler. Approved bills can be easily imported into your finance system for payment, with capacity to allocate expenses to multiple cost centres.

  • We’ve got your back

    We see ourselves as part of your team, and that includes when you’ve got hassles with your utility provider. We’re ready to roll with advice and backup on billing errors, metering issues and contract management.


One platform for your bills.

Single-click PDF and CSV exports.

No more paper bills.

Eliminate handling and processing costs.

End manual data entry.

Save money and prevent costly errors.

Access early payment discounts.

Never miss a savings deadline.

Find and resolve billing issues fast.

No more overpayments.

Approvals made easy.

Identify and refer invoices to relevant departments.

More accurate payments.

Pay the right amount, on time.

Streamline audit prep.

Easily downloadable audit trail.

Exceptional support.

We resolve issues direct with your provider.

You will be in good company

Case study

“Azility has enabled our organisation to take control of utility billing, making it easier to realise cost savings, identify and resolve issues, and involve all staff in achieving our reduction targets.”

Jo-Anne Mackay
Director Corporate Services, Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Scaling a mountain of utility bills

Managing its utility bills was a continuous headache for the Snowy Monaro Regional Council before Azility saved the day.

For the Snowy Monaro Regional Council, processing hundreds of utility bills each month from three separate electricity suppliers was a huge and complex job. Bills were held up in manual approvals by separate departments, and saved in a separate document management system that made it tough to locate accurate and timely information. And this made it nigh on impossible to pick up anomalies before payment and to access early payment benefits – and avoid late payment penalties.

More Features

Energy Management

Improve energy performance with comprehensive and truly reliable data that gets all your assets and departments on the same page.

Analytics & Reporting

Make better decisions with sophisticated energy management analytics that turn big data into meaningful insights, fast.

Real-time Data & Alerts

Reduce risk and uncover cost savings with real-time energy and water intelligence features that are always on duty.

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