Timor-Leste – Hygiene protection for COVID-19 infection prevention

Azility contributed funds to WaterAid’s COVID-19 infection protection campaign. WaterAid works with the Government of Timor-Leste to make good hygiene part of people’s normal everyday life. They help empower those that are excluded to stand up for their rights, while making sure local governments have the tools and skills to help them. WaterAid is there every step of the way, working together to create lasting change. In collaboration with local governments, WaterAid will deliver COVID-19 hygiene messaging and promote hygiene behaviour change campaigns in the communities by:

○       Providing relevant information and awareness-raising tools at national and local level.

○       Reviewing materials and guidance to identify the most effective ways to adapt and deliver campaign messages.

○       Generating campaign materials that are appropriate to reach groups that may be marginalized or excluded within the community.

○       Adapting materials where necessary, to deliver messaging and information that does not promote stigma and marginalization.

○       Identifying avenues for local partners to support behaviour change initiatives.

Project Lead: WaterAid


Posted on

June 2, 2020