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Kicking goals ahead of schedule

Partnering with Azility has saved the City of Port Adelaide Enfield more than $500,000 and delivered a 15 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

The Challenge

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield had big dreams when it came to setting key targets in their Energy and Water Efficiency Management Plan 2022. Council’s goal was clear: by 2022, it aimed to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 23 per cent and achieve an 18 per cent drop in corporate energy consumption when compared to 2009 baseline levels.

It set to work putting innovative solutions in place to improve energy and water efficiency right across its assets – everything from civic buildings to sporting facilities and street lighting. The comprehensive approach encompassed the installation of solar systems, water-efficient irrigation systems and energy-efficient lighting, water heaters and air conditioners.

Keen to track and report on the energy and water consumption and savings initiatives put in place, Port Adelaide Enfield joined forces with Azility (then Planet Footprint) in 2010. The platform is now accessed and shared by all levels of Council, alerting them to issues and empowering them to act confidently and quickly – often in response to large and costly anomalies in usage and billing.

The Azility Difference

Thanks to Azility, Council staff can generate one-touch specific reports on greenhouse gas emissions tracking, return on investment from energy and water savings initiatives, consumption anomalies and more – all at the speed of light. Predefined and up-to-the-second reports save staff time, drive action and make it easy to share performance insights with all levels of Council. Our dashboards are simple yet powerful so everyone can view and interact with the data, powering better day-to-day management across the board.

Azility’s clever tools and Quarterly Performance Reviews have encouraged positive behavioural change within the Council. Different business units coming together every three months with their dedicated Service Manager to analyse performance, highlight opportunities and guide decision making has broken down silos and helped Port Adelaide Enfield well on their way to realising key targets.

Since 2009, Council has smashed its interim targets to achieve a whopping 15 per cent reduction in energy consumption, saving more than half a million dollars in the process. It has already left its greenhouse gas emissions target for dead, hitting a 26 per cent reduction that’s equivalent in weight to 107 school buses.

Key take-aways

City of Port Adelaide Enfield Environmental Projects Coordinator, Craig Hughes, says that Azility has made a real and ongoing impact.

“Azility saves us in-house resource time and money by collecting and loading all our energy and water data directly from our utility provider into their online platform, ready for us to access. They provide a consistent data set that can be easily interpreted by staff at all levels and displayed in a flexible and easy fashion.

Given the success we have had with Azility we are looking at alternatives to manage our utility accounts more efficiently and investing in meter logger technology to feed real-time data from building energy and solar production back into Azility’s platform.”

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